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Sunday, March 8, 2015

Rape Statistics and Getting Away With It, and Leaving Women Scared, Oh my!

By: Micaela Stevenson

As a survivor of sexual assault, rape, and an advocate for my brothers and sisters, I have frequently asked one big question: why are so many people getting away with this? Why are so many women never being able to serve justice to the people who do wrong to them? It doesn’t make sense; according to PBS, the FBI lists rape as the second most violent crime in our nation. The first is murder. The answer to that question is extremely detailed, very complex, and really begins with one thing: we’re not reporting.

According to RAINN. org, 68% of rape and sexual assault incidents are not reported to the police. The fact that an overwhelming 2/3 of rapists are people that the victim knows and 38% of people who have committed sexual assault crimes are people who the victim also knows. Why do these go unreported? Well there are many times where the woman is afraid and traumatized by the recent horror she has suffered that makes it difficult for her to be able to tell anyone she even knows well, much less the police. After I was raped, I waited days to even tell my best friend and to this day, my parents do not know. It took me months to tell my boyfriend that I had been sexually assaulted during a church event in Lansing, MI. So we know why women aren’t reporting. They’re embarrassed, they’re scared, and they are highly disillusioned. Someone may blame them for their rape even though no one blames a murder victim for being murdered...

So some victims don’t want to tell anyone what happened. But what about those that do? Well, after someone is raped, they feel very dirty and very upset. So, the first thing they may want to do is take a shower, and change their clothes. They throw their outfits that they’d had on into a washing machine or into the garbage to dispose of memories. They wait a few days, gather their thoughts, and make a decision. They go to the police and with that shower and that washing machine, they’ve washed away all evidence that the rape occurred. And even if these women don’t wait, the rape kit may only display that sex occurred which doesn’t necessarily have to be rape. After a victim has washed their clothes and body, their only hope is a witness. And there aren’t too many of those.

The numbers dwindle with time and processes from the event of the rape to getting to a day in court. So why aren’t more rapists being convicted? Even for the victims who did finally report? Well, there’s no evidence. And our criminal justice system relies on evidence to bring forth justice rather than just a victim’s word. This is a good thing in general; if someone says I murdered their brother and I didn’t and there’s no evidence that I did, I don’t want to go to jail for that. But this also means that thousands of women every year are not seeing the justice they desperately need to see and another rapist or sexual assault criminal is lurking through our communities. According to a 2011 article in Ms. Magazine, an estimated number of 300,000 women are raped or sexually assaulted annually according to FBI reports. This number has only been climbing in the recent years.

To keep this from continuing in the future, criminal justice systems need to urge people to develop better technology to see if rape or sexual assault has occurred. Mothers need to teach their sons not to rape and not to sexually assault women. Fathers need to teach their sons that “no” means “no” and not “convince me” or “I’m just playing hard to get”. Parents need to teach their sons to recognize that consenting is more important than not refusing; refusing can be non verbal. And we need to believe our victims. Because only 2% of victims are lying when they have been raped. Which means there’s a 98% chance that a victim that says they have been raped is actually telling the truth. And that’s close enough to 100%.

We Will Never Really Be Equal... Not Completely

By Micaela Stevenson

Some of the world’s most prosperous nations in the world are fueled by capitalism. Although pure capitalism is rarely, if ever practiced, the majority of places in the world that function as major players in modern society do follow many basic principles in capitalism. In a capitalistic society, there are bound to be people who are rich and people really enjoy being rich. Because the term “rich” is relative, there must also be people who are poor.

Money hungry people not only walk the earth, they influence politics, media, and many other things we hold dear. So will we ever be equal: no, not economically. Not as long as capitalism appears to be the best idea. And it does. In a 2015 article written in Zero Hedge, 25 percent of Americans were polled to prefer socialism over capitalism. This means that 75% of Americans, meaning an overwhelming majority of those polled prefer our modern capitalistic economy or even a free market economy to one supporting socialism.

Concerning gender, sexuality, sex, race, and other aspects of personal life, it is doubtful that we will ever be able to become truly equal. Concerning race and sex, there will come a day when we are considered equals in some areas of our existence. Race and sex will become normal: there are multiple people of multiple colors of the world and with the world becoming smaller concerning communication, the a binary sex identity and a race of any kind will become normal.

Few people will allow for someone’s lack of male genitalia and dark skin to compromise whether or not they can legally or almost legally take their money. Additionally, being a non white woman, at least in the United States, is becoming more common.

The New York Times reported in 2013 that only 63% of Americans were white and that by 2043, it is likely that less than 50% of Americans will be white. It will be hard for the white community to continue to be in charge when there is currently a black president and people of color will make up more than half of the population in the coming years. Reported by The World Bank, women made up almost 51% of the population between 2010 and 2014. More women are coming and I believe that it will be difficult to discriminate against people who are making up more than half of the population, which means that more women will be running for office.

Concerning gender and sexuality, it is difficult to say when and even if this discrimination will stop. Biologically speaking, it will never be “normal” for humans to be anything other than cisgender and heterosexual. The goal of all organisms is to procreate and therefore, it is unlikely that the needs of the few will be recognized and discrimination may continue for a very long time, and perhaps even forever. With the majority of the world’s population claiming that they practice Abrahamic religions, although one of the basic principles of two of these is love, it is unlikely that people who do not follow the norm and do not identify with the sex they are given at birth and are sexually attracted to the opposite sex, will ever be truly equal.

We’ll be equal of some levels. One day, a black person won’t walk down the street and have someone call them racial slurs. One day, women won’t earn less money than men do and dress codes that require women to cover their shoulders will appear arbitrary to everyone. But these are because these things are becoming normal. And because being a person that isn’t cisgender and heterosexual will never truly be normal, I doubt that they will be able to achieve the same equality. As sad as it is, we can always try to work toward the equality we want to see in the world rather than accepting inequality that exists.

Friday, March 6, 2015

Reinviting Old Members / Open Invitation to New Feminist Writers

Today I re-invited 7 members of the old Feminist Truths website to come join the new Feminist Truths website.

I also invited a new member (who had previously contacted me in January asking to volunteer for a different website).

I am therefore laying out an open invitation to new feminist writers who want to join Feminist Truths and help make it popular again. (The old Feminist Truths had 482,000 visitors before it was shut down in March 2013.)

If you are a feminist writer / blogger and would like to contribute please email me at suzannemacnevin{atsymbol}gmail.com and I can send you an invite to become a member of Feminist Truths.

Feminist Truths Resurrected

Several years ago Feminist Truths was shut down due to a frivolous lawsuit - but I made a backup copy of the website before it was shut down.

Today I am please to announce that Feminist Truths is back. The content is not unique (there are now dozens of copies of the old website floating around on the internet), and the content omits all mention to the person who sued me and later forced Google to shut down my old website (feministtruths.blogspot.com).

At the time of the lawsuit I was living in London (UK) but was being sued in Canada. I know, silly right?

So they couldn't get any money from me because I wasn't even in the correct country. But that didn't stop them from shutting down my website.

I am now back in Canada after living abroad for several years (including a brief stint in Spain, which was fun) and now living in Montreal where I can keep a close eye on my enemies while simultaneously keeping my exact location a secret. The hunted has become the hunter.

Being the hunter, I now feel empowered to fight back against the person who shut down my website and bring about some justice. I have not figured out how I will do this, but rest assured everything will be done within the realm of the law. (Becoming a vigilante ninja is out of the question, I have put on a few pounds in recent years that excludes me from the physical challenges of becoming a ninja...)

This new incarnation of the website is void of all mention of the person who instigated the frivolous lawsuit so there is no reason for them to have it shut down again - and even if they did, I have backup copies and will just make a new one.

If you would like a backup copy of the old Feminist Truths website just email me at suzannemacnevin{atsymbol}gmail.com and I will send you a copy so you can help keep the truth out there. (I am trying to avoid making an X-Files reference, but I can't help it.)

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