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Sunday, March 8, 2015

We Will Never Really Be Equal... Not Completely

By Micaela Stevenson

Some of the world’s most prosperous nations in the world are fueled by capitalism. Although pure capitalism is rarely, if ever practiced, the majority of places in the world that function as major players in modern society do follow many basic principles in capitalism. In a capitalistic society, there are bound to be people who are rich and people really enjoy being rich. Because the term “rich” is relative, there must also be people who are poor.

Money hungry people not only walk the earth, they influence politics, media, and many other things we hold dear. So will we ever be equal: no, not economically. Not as long as capitalism appears to be the best idea. And it does. In a 2015 article written in Zero Hedge, 25 percent of Americans were polled to prefer socialism over capitalism. This means that 75% of Americans, meaning an overwhelming majority of those polled prefer our modern capitalistic economy or even a free market economy to one supporting socialism.

Concerning gender, sexuality, sex, race, and other aspects of personal life, it is doubtful that we will ever be able to become truly equal. Concerning race and sex, there will come a day when we are considered equals in some areas of our existence. Race and sex will become normal: there are multiple people of multiple colors of the world and with the world becoming smaller concerning communication, the a binary sex identity and a race of any kind will become normal.

Few people will allow for someone’s lack of male genitalia and dark skin to compromise whether or not they can legally or almost legally take their money. Additionally, being a non white woman, at least in the United States, is becoming more common.

The New York Times reported in 2013 that only 63% of Americans were white and that by 2043, it is likely that less than 50% of Americans will be white. It will be hard for the white community to continue to be in charge when there is currently a black president and people of color will make up more than half of the population in the coming years. Reported by The World Bank, women made up almost 51% of the population between 2010 and 2014. More women are coming and I believe that it will be difficult to discriminate against people who are making up more than half of the population, which means that more women will be running for office.

Concerning gender and sexuality, it is difficult to say when and even if this discrimination will stop. Biologically speaking, it will never be “normal” for humans to be anything other than cisgender and heterosexual. The goal of all organisms is to procreate and therefore, it is unlikely that the needs of the few will be recognized and discrimination may continue for a very long time, and perhaps even forever. With the majority of the world’s population claiming that they practice Abrahamic religions, although one of the basic principles of two of these is love, it is unlikely that people who do not follow the norm and do not identify with the sex they are given at birth and are sexually attracted to the opposite sex, will ever be truly equal.

We’ll be equal of some levels. One day, a black person won’t walk down the street and have someone call them racial slurs. One day, women won’t earn less money than men do and dress codes that require women to cover their shoulders will appear arbitrary to everyone. But these are because these things are becoming normal. And because being a person that isn’t cisgender and heterosexual will never truly be normal, I doubt that they will be able to achieve the same equality. As sad as it is, we can always try to work toward the equality we want to see in the world rather than accepting inequality that exists.

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