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We are reborn! Getting shut down by lawyers working for the mafia (it is a long story) hasn't put an end to Feminist Truths.

The good news is that Feminist Truths is back and I have made it my quest in life to deliver truth to the masses.

Friday, March 6, 2015

Reinviting Old Members / Open Invitation to New Feminist Writers

Today I re-invited 7 members of the old Feminist Truths website to come join the new Feminist Truths website.

I also invited a new member (who had previously contacted me in January asking to volunteer for a different website).

I am therefore laying out an open invitation to new feminist writers who want to join Feminist Truths and help make it popular again. (The old Feminist Truths had 482,000 visitors before it was shut down in March 2013.)

If you are a feminist writer / blogger and would like to contribute please email me at suzannemacnevin{atsymbol}gmail.com and I can send you an invite to become a member of Feminist Truths.

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