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We are reborn! Getting shut down by lawyers working for the mafia (it is a long story) hasn't put an end to Feminist Truths.

The good news is that Feminist Truths is back and I have made it my quest in life to deliver truth to the masses.

Friday, March 6, 2015

Feminist Truths Resurrected

Several years ago Feminist Truths was shut down due to a frivolous lawsuit - but I made a backup copy of the website before it was shut down.

Today I am please to announce that Feminist Truths is back. The content is not unique (there are now dozens of copies of the old website floating around on the internet), and the content omits all mention to the person who sued me and later forced Google to shut down my old website (feministtruths.blogspot.com).

At the time of the lawsuit I was living in London (UK) but was being sued in Canada. I know, silly right?

So they couldn't get any money from me because I wasn't even in the correct country. But that didn't stop them from shutting down my website.

I am now back in Canada after living abroad for several years (including a brief stint in Spain, which was fun) and now living in Montreal where I can keep a close eye on my enemies while simultaneously keeping my exact location a secret. The hunted has become the hunter.

Being the hunter, I now feel empowered to fight back against the person who shut down my website and bring about some justice. I have not figured out how I will do this, but rest assured everything will be done within the realm of the law. (Becoming a vigilante ninja is out of the question, I have put on a few pounds in recent years that excludes me from the physical challenges of becoming a ninja...)

This new incarnation of the website is void of all mention of the person who instigated the frivolous lawsuit so there is no reason for them to have it shut down again - and even if they did, I have backup copies and will just make a new one.

If you would like a backup copy of the old Feminist Truths website just email me at suzannemacnevin{atsymbol}gmail.com and I will send you a copy so you can help keep the truth out there. (I am trying to avoid making an X-Files reference, but I can't help it.)

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