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We are reborn! Getting shut down by lawyers working for the mafia (it is a long story) hasn't put an end to Feminist Truths.

The good news is that Feminist Truths is back and I have made it my quest in life to deliver truth to the masses.

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Today I made a backup copy of Feminist Truths

I created this blog, "Feminist Blow Horn", several years ago, but I ended up never using it.

Today I've decided to use it to make a backup copy of "Feminist Truths", which has been my main blog for many years now.

I also made a backup copy of Feminist Truths on my new website SuzanneMacNevin.com (update - I no longer use that website), which will be my main website henceforth, and I am distributing copies of the Feminist Truths excel file to anyone who wants to upload a backup copy to their website.



I have renamed "Feminist Blow Horn" to "Feminist Truths" and resurrected the Feminist Truths website.

Feminist Truths was shut down years ago due to a frivolous lawsuit / threats from organized crime, but I have since relocated several times due to the threats and have decided to resurrect the old Feminist Truths. I figure if they're going to sending people to harrass / stalk me, I might as well have the old website up and running so if they try to shut me up (or even try to kill me) at least the website is still there.

Friends have backup copies of the old website so even if something were to happen to me they have been instructed to create more websites and tell the world what happened (even if I cannot speak to the nature of the person who is threatening me).

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