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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Using Women to Sell Guns

FEMINIST - Nothing sells guns and ammo faster than women with guns.

Not to women of course!

To men who apparently have nothing better to do than blow their wad (literally and figuratively) on buying a bigger, more powerful gun.

The reason is obvious. Men are the ones with penis envy.

On the right female Russian soldiers ready their Kalashnikov rifles (also known as AK-47s) at a shooting range during the "Beauty in Epaulets" contest outside Moscow in 2003.

The Beauty in Epaulets is a beauty contest for women in the Russian armed forces. It is really just advertising for the military and to some extent advertising for Russia's most famous gun, the Kalashnikov assault rifle.

On a side topic the Kalashnikov assault rifle is going to be getting a modern redesign. The new model, dubbed the AK-12, will feature a sight and lamp and other detachable features and is part of a nearly $700 billion modernization of Russia’s armed forces.

However the original design by Mikhail Kalashnikov is the most popular assault rifle in history, and has been popular since 1947 (hence the name AK-47). Kalashnikov’s 1947 rifle is easy to use and cheap to manufacture, making it popular with mercenaries and freedom fighters alike. It has been copied many times too, making it the most copied gun in existence. It is estimated that millions of variants have been manufactured in numerous countries.

The AK-47 has become widely used by militias, armed gangs and rebels, and based on the number of deaths it has caused, it’s also known as the world’s most dangerous weapon. The gun can fire 400 rounds per minute and was the weapon of choice for gunmen in the 1972 Munich Olympic massacre, in Rwanda and in the former Yugoslavia.

In 2002 Mikhail Kalashnikov said that he is proud of his development. But he wished he could have invented something that makes life easier for farmers and regular people. “A lawn mower, for example.”

Now back to my original topic... selling guns using women as sex objects.

It is really no different than other advertising which uses female sexuality as the bait... the only real difference is that guns won't make you lose weight like exercise equipment, won't feed your sugar addiction like junk food, and won't keep you warm like clothing. The only purpose of guns is to kill something.

So the Russian military (or anyone else) using women to sell AK-47s, Colt Carbines, Desert Eagles or any other kind of weapon is really just using sex to sell violence.

Its exploitation of two of mankind's most animalistic emotions: Sex and Violence.

It is also metaphorical. Guns are very phallic based on their shape and design. There is no shortage of innuendos either.

I imagine (just a hunch) there is no shortage of men out there who like to strut around half naked with a gun in their hand. It becomes an extension of their penis envy and their ego.

And you can pretty much guarantee that the bigger the gun fanatic the more likely they are trying to compensate for something.

Ergo, most men who buy guns have small penises... therefore women in gun advertising is really like shooting fish in a barrel. Pun intended.

Men have basically just fallen prey to the most basic principle of pop psychology: Sex Sells.

Especially to men with small penises.

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