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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

The Truth about Aunts

I'm the crazy Aunt everyone warned you about...

And its so true.

My sister and her husband hate me (or more specifically they hate the things I give my niece for xmas and birthdays).

This past xmas for 2011?

I gave my niece a drum set. Buying for her is getting tricky. She is 12 and interested in boys and I wanted to give her something she could 2 things with: #1. Vent frustration during her teenage years; #2. Be creative with. I saw the drum set and I knew her parents would be pissed at me... but I also knew I would be her favourite aunt forever and ever. (Technically I am her only aunt, but you know...)

In 2010 I got her a magazine subscription to Ms.

In 2009 I got her art supplies and a book about Banksy (the graffiti artist)... and gave her strict instructions she is to make artwork, not graffiti.

She reads my blog so I can't say what I will get her for xmas 2012. Ever since the drum set she is now bugging her parents for a guitar. Hmm. :)

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