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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Controversy attracts Lawsuits

Note to Self:

In the past 4 years roughly I have been threatened with 5 different lawsuits from various different people... mostly because I like to say it how it is. None of the lawsuits amounted to anything more than threats and I am easily amused by vague attempts to get "blood from a stone".

Speaking honestly and truthfully means people get easily offended. Especially if you say anything remotely controversial and they dispute the truth / facts of your statement.

You asked me if those pants made your butt look big.

I responded "Your butt is always big."

And that is the truth of it. Getting offended because a friend (or enemy) told you the truth of the situation or explained the facts to you doesn't mean you have to get all upset about it and angry at them.

Anger isn't going to help solve your problem.

The Five Stages of Acceptance

Denial (My butt is not fat!!!)

Anger (How dare you say my butt is fat!!!??? You're supposed to be my friend.)

Bargaining (Listen, I didn't call you fat, how come you get to call me fat?)

Depression (I'm sooooooooooo fat!)

Acceptance (Okay, so I am fat, curvy and voluptuous. I guess I should use that as an asset.)

So in the end if I (or anyone else) says something truthful and factual you need to understand that getting angry and threatening to sue the person isn't going to get you what you want. Denying it, being angry, trying to bargain isn't going to get you anywhere. You need to be depressed about it for a bit, realize its just the way it is, and then accept it.

Of course some people just have anger issues and never get past the anger stage, but that isn't going to help them. It will just make their lawyers bill bigger trying to move the immovable.

Side Note:

I am really into fun analogies today...

Trying to break the unbreakable.
Trying to squeeze the unsqueezable.
Trying to scare the fearless.
Trying to conquer the unconquerable.
Trying to quench the unquenchable.
Trying to penetrate the impenetrable.

And my personal favourite: Trying to rape the unrapeable.

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