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Sunday, February 5, 2012

But what does this have to do with feminism???

ART HISTORY - So I was browsing on artfem.tv and I found this video called "Reptilica" by Barbara Agreste...

And my basic response was "But what does this have to do with feminism???"

You see artfem.tv promotes feminist art. No problem there. Its what I was looking for.

But the video "Reptilica" was art... but it had nothing to do with feminism. Yes there was a woman in the video, and some leaves and worms, and something that looked like they might be worm eggs (not sure, hard to tell), but there was no men in the video, nothing about equality... it didn't even have a plot.

You see this is part of a larger problem I see in the feminist movement... its stuff that is female, but has nothing to do with actual feminism.

ie. If I photograph a woman and she is just sitting there not doing anything, is that feminist? No. There is no narrative. Its too meaningless. People might look at it and think its advertising the clothes she is wearing. I might as well paint an abstract painting and give it a feminist slogan for the title and that would have more meaning to it.

Feminism is about equality and pushing the boundaries of what people think is acceptable for women to do (and hopefully making people realize there is NO BOUNDARIES). Women with careers, women in sports, women in politics, women balancing the needs of family with their own needs to be happy.

My apologies to Barbara Agreste, but I am sorry I don't know why artfem.tv put your video on their website .Sadly her video isn't the only one which is off topic... there are numerous other videos that I scratch my head and say, wow, what is the point of this meaningless fluff?

I would find more feminist meaning watching Britain's Top Model (in a reverse thinking sort of way)... and because any show that glorifies beauty over brains deserves to be mocked.

Conclusions? Yes, Britain's Top Model isn't art... its not even good television. But watched from a feminist perspective and you realize just how desperate some young women are because they haven't explored the option of using the brains to earn money instead.

Not that money brings you happiness anyway. For that you need a balanced lifestyle... but that is another topic for another day.

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