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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Are White Women more Selfish?

RELATIONSHIPS & SEX - Today is Valentines... but I want to talk about an interesting trend I've noticed.

White men who prefer non-white women, because (according to them) non-white women are less selfish, more forgiving, more tolerant, more giving, more loyal, more patient, more diligent, more understanding and kinder.

Notice anything?

They're basically listing all of the Seven Virtues except for chastity. (And lets face it, men really don't care about chastity, they only care about loyalty.)

Now that is very interesting to me because it narrows down to the idea that white women are somehow less virtuous, that they are more selfish, less tolerant, etc.

And there really is no way to prove this theory, but I think we can narrow it down to several options.

Option #1. White Women really are more selfish.

If so, then why? Is it because white women have a greater sense of entitlement, not due to racism, but because white women see themselves as the standard and that men should be fighting over them. This concept gives white women more arrogance (the opposite of humility), and arrogance is said to be the root of all other vices (and humility is the root of all virtues).

Part of it may be due to the Golddigger Phenomenon, wherein white women expect to find the man of their dreams and won't settle for anything less. They've set such high standards for themselves that no man will ever fulfill. (This does disappear with age and humility however.)

Speaking for myself, in my activities as a lesbian with bisexual leanings, I've discovered that non-white women are more affectionate and caring. So perhaps non-white women really are more humble.

Option #2. Its just a stereotype.

Call it the result of a limited test sample. White men go out with white women. They conclude that all white women are selfish based on the source information and then have a wonderful loving relationship with a non-white woman. This then conclude must mean that all non-white women are less arrogant, less selfish and more virtuous.

Option #3. Both.

Sometimes the stereotype can also be accurate.


Perhaps the thing I want to say here is that while women are now equals under the law in most countries, we haven't really succeeded much in how to behave like equals. We've been told we have rights and that has certainly helped, but a good woman (regardless of her sense of equality) is also a virtuous woman.

What I've also noticed is that most white feminists don't care much about what goes on outside of the Americas and Europe. They know comparatively little about what social movements are going on in the Middle East, Africa and Asia. Part of that is just lack of information, but I think that is going to change with time and rapidly increasing globalization of technology.

In 50 years we could see a world where all women are united under the common cause of equality for all. And hopefully we learn some virtues along the way.

Arrogance is only going to piss people off. Humility and Self Respect is key, but arrogance is overdoing it.

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