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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

The Truth about Tati Kalveks

ENTERTAINMENT - I love feminist musicians.

The problem with feminist musicians however is often they are amateurs and the quality of their recordings frankly suck...

But this doesn't mean their performances aren't good. They're great, its simply a problem of finding the opportunity to properly record their music in a studio.

Lets take Tati Kalveks as an example. A feminist singer/songwriter, just 18 years old. Still wet behind the ears. You look for videos of her work online and you find these on YouTube:

Now right away you realize the sound quality is low. You can hear laughter from the audience. Its to be expected from a live performance.

To be fair Tati Kalveks is very early in her career right now too. Given time we will likely get better quality recordings.

I like her lyrics and I hope she does well.

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