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Monday, January 9, 2012

The Truth about Fashion Models and Plus Size Models

In 1992 the average American woman in her 20s weighed 132 lbs.

In 1992 the average fashion model weighed 120 lbs (8% less than the average).

In 2012 the average fashion model weighs 102 lbs (23% less than the average).

In 2002 plus-size models were considered to be between size 12 and 18.

In 2012 plus-size models now average between a size 6 and size 14.

So the fashion models are getting thinner and even the plus-size fashion models are getting thinner, despite the vast majority of women who say they would prefer models who are more realistic.

In America 50% of women wear a size 14 or larger, but the majority of fashion stores only cater to size 14 or smaller. Even so-called "plus size" stores have a limit on the sizes they have available.

My message?

Support local companies which cater to your size and taste in fashion. Change will never happen if we keep supporting companies which keep making things smaller and smaller.

Let fashion designers and brands know what you think via social networking sites and email them via their websites to let them know how you feel about clothing options.

If more people stop buying at certain stores and let them know you will not be purchasing clothing from them until they market to you, this will get their attention when they see their revenue losses and have to start contemplating store closures.

Support indie designers.

We are bombarded with sexually suggestive ads every day, but there is nothing wrong with our bodies. Our bodies aren't meant to be starved. We're meant to be eating hearty, exercising constantly and have an Amazon / Cavegirl physique. Its being too skinny which is unnatural.

We need to embrace our Amazon side and not be afraid of it.

In other news here is a fun video that may give you some food for thought...

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