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Thursday, December 1, 2011

The Truth about Condoms With Teeth in South Africa

RAPE - In 2010 during the World Cup in South Africa over 30,000 'Rape-Axe condoms' were handed out free. While the condoms (which in truth are more like diaphragms worn by women) won't prevent rape, the jagged-teeth inside is designed to rip penises up.

This grim invention was invented by Dr Sonnet Ehlers after she met a rape victim who commented "if only I had teeth down there". This stroke of inspiration led Dr Ehlers to research the possibility of a diaphragm which is designed to make sex painful for rapists.

Rapists sadly rarely regret their actions. Too often the law fails and the rapist is never punished. The rate of reporting rape is very low and the conviction rate is likewise low.

Ehlers was working as a blood technician with the South African Blood Transfusion Service and this caused her to come into contact with numerous women who had suffered rape. She originally wanted to call it RAPEX, but later changed it Rape-Axe.

Women afraid of being raped simply insert the Rape-Axe condom inside themselves like a diaphragm or tampon. If her worst fears later come true the Rape-Axe's hooks itself to the penis and won't come off, instead becoming tighter and tighter the more they struggle. It can basically only be removed by a doctor. The diaphragm would remain attached to the attacker's body when he withdraws, the Rape-Axe still attached and causing excruciating pain. While the man struggles to try and remove it the woman makes a quick get-away. (Note: This won't work during a gang rape evidently.)

Like all condoms and diaphragms it also prevents pregnancy and the transmission of HIV and sexually transmitted infections.

After the World Cup was over Ehlers wanted to begin selling the Rape-Axe condoms for approx. $2 each...

But the truth is this never happened. The devices never reached the mass market.

And the reasons vary... some women feared reprisals from the rapists who might murder them over their flayed penises.

Drugstores refused to sell an item designed to cause pain.

Some people say the device is medieval to which Dr Ehlers responds on her website by saying it is "a medieval device for a medieval deed."

Others even compared it to a chastity belt, an item which basically enslaved the sexuality of women.

The end result is that the Rape-Axe is a controversial item and there is comparatively few women who would buy and use such an item.

The best defense against rape is confidence and martial arts. Any woman can learn how to knee a man in the groin and then run away. Awareness and training is key, not fancy gadgets.

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