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Friday, August 26, 2011

Why Anti-Feminists should be Pro-Choice

ABORTION - In theory anti-feminist men (who constantly complain about having to pay child support and spousal support for children they sired) should be leading the fight for the right to legal abortions. Not just in Europe or North America, but globally.

And the reasoning is simple...

Men who fear being a parent and the responsibilities that come with it (ie. marriage, child support, etc.) should be in the front line of people asking / demanding that safe and legal abortions become a global phenomenon, and that a woman's right to choose an abortion (and it is a CHOICE) should be respected in the same way we respect anti-slavery laws.

Without that choice and that right the woman becomes a slave.

It is true there are men out there who are anti-feminists and anti-choice, but they're often (perhaps even always) coming from a religious perspective. They would very quickly change their minds if they had some children out of wedlock and started paying child support. (In other words they're hypocrites. They might claim they would support the child, but many of them would likely end up being deadbeat dads.)

And that is truth of the matter.

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  1. Interesting article. Something to consider however, is that in many countries, pro-choice activists are considered anti-feminist, as the overwhelming number of abortions are conducted when the fetus is female in their country. This is most prevalent in China.


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