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Sunday, July 3, 2011

The Truth about Online Privacy

TECHNOLOGY - A fellow feminist by the name of Julian (I shan't say her last name) recommended to me recently that I be careful about posting things online with respect to men out there who might try to harrass me, stalk me or whatever.

Specifically she was worried about "... Men's Rights guys and other
anti-feminist fools who occasionally like to terrorize feminists."

She recommended something called "HideMyAss", which I presume is software, to prevent people from easily tracking me down.

Well lets just discuss this for a moment...

I don't have a Facebook account (I used to, but I deleted it... thats another story). I think I might have a twitter account, but its been ages and I have probably forgotten the password.

Often I don't use my real name online, instead going by "Glowing Maid" or even "Radioactive Girl". So I don't think its a huge necessity to be hiding every little detail.

And I mean whats the point of being a feminist if I can't express my freedom? True, having my privacy is nice too, but I doubt anybody would be able to track me down. (Camden is a big area and its not like I am there constantly.)

And then there's the Sarah Connor effect... Watch the first Terminator movie and count the number of Sarah Connors who were killed before Arnold finally found the right one. I am certain there are other Suzanne or Suzy MacNevin's in the London area, possibly even a few in Camden... and besides... the address isn't under my name. Its under my lover's name.

So chances are highly unlikely that anyone would ever be able to track me down. I don't get sick very often and I haven't been to any hospitals in the area. I don't have a criminal record. I have been unemployed ever since I arrived from Canada so I am not paying taxes while here either.

Instead I just sit at home and write my book. Sometimes I go for walks and explore London. Sometimes I go to the pet store and look at the kittens. Sometimes I find a nice place to sit and read the newspaper. You get the picture.

I truly doubt I am dropping enough hints that someone could track me down. ie. How many pet stores are in Camden and how many can I look at the kittens?

The real danger I think is morons who send me hatemail. That is just asking for a retort and to be exposed online for being an idiot.

People sending me hatemails = Blog fodder. Go ahead. I welcome the chance to talk about whatever you're complaining about in front of the whole world. (Well not literally the whole world, not that many people read my blog, but you get the idea.)

My advice for women is to come up with a fun and catchy pseudonym / nickname. Don't take Glowmaid, that name is MINE!

The real reason why you should do this is because employers now frequently Google your name online to check what you've been up to. Hopefully nobody disreputable is using the same name as you...

And while you're at it remember to clear your search history. :)

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