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Monday, July 4, 2011

The Truth about Conservative Feminism

FEMINIST - What is the role of Conservative Feminism?

Well first that depends on how you define "Conservative Feminism"... it does seem like a bit of an oxymoron. How can someone be a Conservative and yet a Feminist?

Well, you see there is really a variety of different definitions of Conservative Feminism...

#1. Traditional Feminism... This implies feminists who are more prone to modesty and they don't want to upset the apple cart. So they're Conservative in the respect that they don't like to mess with the traditional routine, but they still believe in equality.

#2. Pro-Life Feminism... They believe in equality, but not in the right to choose an abortion. They can even be radical or anarchist in other ways, but for whatever reason (ie. religion) they don't believe in the right to choose an abortion.

#3. Phony Feminism... These are power hungry people (ie. Sarah Palin) who denounce feminism while simultaneously seeking the support of other women while promoting themselves as a Conservative Feminist (or even Anti-Feminist) icon. The example of Sarah Palin shows how this is sometimes done. Politicians lie and use whatever means at their disposal to garner votes.

#4. Insert Your Own Variation / Definition Here... :)

Now to get back to what the role of Conservative Feminism plays we have several options...

Option A) To enlighten Conservatives about feminist issues (and hopefully not muck it up).

Option B) To offset radical/anarchist feminism who are too extreme.

Option C) To annoy the **** out of Pro-Choice Feminists. Seriously, there is nothing more annoying than a Pro-Life Feminist arguing their (usually religious) reasons for why abortion should not even be a choice. (My retort to them: An Open Letter to the Anti-Abortionists.)

Option D) To serve as a vanguard against prostitution and pornography. Some semblance of decency in society has to be maintained.

Option E) To support the right of women to be homemakers if they opt not to choose a career path.

So while we may not like Conservative Feminists, they do provide a productive role in the post-feminist world we live in. People have a choice and they can make whatever choice they want, whether it be Madonna, Whore or a Duality of Both.

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