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Friday, July 8, 2011

Suffragette School of Birmingham

FEMINIST - A new wave of feminists is off to ‘Suffragette School’ at the University of Birmingham!

What is it?

A Summer School to train a new wave of feminists on how make the world a fairer place for women.

When is it?

Saturday 13th August – Sunday 14th August 2011.

Where is it?

University of Birmingham, Edgbaston, Birmingham. B15 2TT

Over 400 budding feminist activists will converge at the Summer School to learn how to tackle the ongoing inequalities between women and men. Featuring a range of workshops, talks and film screenings, attendees will be trained in everything from Suffragette-style direct action to mobilising the masses through Facebook, Twitter and blogging. The Summer School is organised by UK Feminista.

The Summer School will feature talks and workshops by:

Mozn Hassan (Nasra for Feminist Studies, Egypt), Nesrine Malik (the Guardian), Hannah Pool (UK Feminista), Anna van Heeswijk (OBJECT), Emma & Abi Moore (Pink Stinks), Rosalind Miles, Shahida Choudry (Women's Networking Hub), Cath Elliot (Too Much to Say For Myself), Estelle Hart (NUS Women's Campaign), Louise Jenkins (Eaves), Tamsin Omond (Climate Rush), Kat Banyard (UK Feminista), Anna Bird (Fawcett Society), Chitra Nagarajan (GAPS & Black Feminists) Matt McCormack Evans (Anti Porn Men Project), Kate Nustedt (Women for Women International), Adam Ramsay (People and Planet) and Darinka Aleksic (Abortion Rights).

For further information contact Kat Banyard: kat@ukfeminista.org.uk, 07775 855037

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