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Friday, April 29, 2011

The Truth about Will and Kate

POLITICS - I am in a cafe near Trafalgar Square. I don't have much time either. I have to run over to Buckingham Palace and try to see Kate Middleton and Prince William come out on the balcony.

My girlfriend and I attended the Royal Wedding today. We were locked out of Trafalgar Square because the crowds inside there have reached a point where they are worried about being able to get emergency vehicles in there in the event of trouble.

So far the wedding has gone on without a hitch. Will and Kate are now officially married, they've taken the red carriage back to Buckingham Palace, with the Queen and Prince Philip following in a covered carriage (I'll upload photos later, I promise!).

Its been an interesting day to have dual citizenship. As a Briton I am very proud to see the Royal Wedding. As a Canadian I've been bumping into fellow Canadians all day, often decorated with maple leaves.

I also met Ben Mulroney today, who is here working as a reporter for CTV. He was taller than I expected. I gave him a hug and kissed him on the cheek. Not sure if that will end up on TV.

He and I briefly chatted about the election going on back in Canada. He refused to comment on Stephen Harper and the Conservatives, but I got the impression that he doesn't care the new Conservative Party and that both he and his father (Brian Mulroney, Prime Minister of Canada from 1984-1993) miss the ol' Progressive Conservative Party.

Back to Will and Kate there is a lot of chatter about how much these two actually love each other, and whether they are just getting married for royal appearances. Bets are being traded on how long the marriage will last.

The truth is nobody knows. Not with absolute certainty.

Gotta run, going to see the balcony kiss!

EXTRA NOTES: A lot of fuss has been made about Kate's wedding dress.

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  1. Nice to hear from someone who was there. I likely had a better vantage in front of my tv, but you had the energy of the crowd--it must have been electric.
    It was a lovely distraction from the craziness of election fever here, and the tragedies of storms and wars around the world.
    Enjoy the rest of the "wedding holiday weekend."


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