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Monday, November 8, 2010

What are YOUR feminist truths?

Do you have something really profound you'd like to share with the wider feminist community? Here's your chance to say something.

Leave a comment or email me at suzannemacnevin[at]gmail.com (all comments will be kept anonymous by default).

Also, if you have a topic you'd like me to write about, let me know about it.

Suzanne MacNevin

Examples to get you started:

1. Poverty is the main deciding factor in abortion. If anti-abortionists really wanted to stop abortion they'd fight poverty first.

2. Weightlifting doesn't make you look like a man. Steroids do.

3. There is no excuse for laziness. Don't make being female an excuse for why you can't "Just do it!" yourself. This applies to everything.

4. If you start telling yourself you can't do something because you're a woman then you need to go out there and prove to yourself that you CAN do it.

5. Don't do something because its "the feminist thing to do", do it because its the right thing for you to do.

6. Even men ask for advice. There is no shame in it.

7. Womens sports have a long way to go. Be patient, but always strive for more.

8. Unpaid "women's work" is the backbone on which our economy survives. If it wasn't for women teaching their children, child rearing, making meals, etc. our economy would collapse over night. But that doesn't mean every woman is destined to be a mother. Some women just don't have the maternal spirit, or they choose to delay that aspect of their life until later so they can better provide for themselves and their children.

9. Feminomics is the Future, the Past and the Present.

10. When push comes to shove most women choose love first. Your feminist beliefs are not about restrictions. Its about the freedom to choose what YOU want to do.


  1. 11. If feminism was really about "female supremacy" like some people think it is then men would have been enslaved by now. It isn't. Feminism is about equality for women, regardless of their age, race, education, class, ethos or ethnic origin.

  2. 12. Creeps like Frank D'Angelo should be put in jail and not allowed out on bail. Who knows how many other rapes he has committed and gotten away with?


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