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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Leslie J. Sacks' Ten Commandments

FEMINISM - We received the following list from Leslie J. Sacks in an email. The ideas are certainly worth a read. Editor's Note: I've edited some of the wording of the commandments to make them more palatable.

"In these uncertain and consequential times, I humbly suggest that we put aside our penchant for iPods and immediate gratification and consider my 10 new commandments [below]." - Leslie J. Sacks, L.A. California.

1) Men should learn to think more with their brains and not their genitals.

2) Women should focus more on their intellects and temper their hearts.

3) Never use violence and intolerance except to defend liberty.

4) Morality exists only in behavior and actions. Preaching morality doesn't make it so.

5) Women are ALWAYS equal.

6) Freedom and democracy are both rights and irrevocable responsibilities that must be protected.

7) Each individual has the inalienable right to their political and religious beliefs.

8) No institution or belief should take precedence over any one person.

9) No path to happiness is exclusive or worthy of domination over any other.

10) People who seek to dominate, control, subvert or destroy the freedom of other people do not deserve the respect of the free world.

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