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Saturday, September 19, 2009

The Truth about Cuckolded Women

DIVORCE - Yes, cuckold is technically a term applied to husbands of cheating wives. Sadly there's no reverse equivalent in the dictionary for when husbands cheat.

When a husband cheats women really have two options:

#1. Leave him.

#2. Forgive him.

There's also a third option, but it usually results in the wife leaving him anyway.

#3. Teach him a lesson / cheat on him too / make his life miserable.

The third option however is just plain vindictive. Once you've reached that point you might as well just split up. Its not worth your time and the stress trying to teach your soon-to-be ex a lesson. Making his life miserable will just result in more cheating. You cheating on him implies you didn't really love him anyway. Being vindictive isn't going to change anything.

Husbands who are cads (such an old term, but an accurate one) aren't about to become faithful over night by teaching them a lesson. People, as a rule, do not change over night. Ever.

Oh sure, you might get someone to change their habits temporarily, but eventually they're back to their old routine.

Call it part of social conditioning, but once a cad always a cad.

But this post isn't about cad husbands. Its about cuckolded women, and more specifically about their goal of revenge / teaching their cheating husbands a lesson.

Some women think that acting like a bitch is "girl power" in action.

Except it isn't. Sure, you have the right to be angry, but being vindictive is just childish, immature, shameful and there's nothing dignified about it.

So my advice to women? Don't bother being vindictive or vengeful. Its not going to accomplish anything, it isn't going to make you feel better, and its only going to make you look like a complete bitch (and possibly provoke further immature acts of vengeance).

Ergo, stay or go. Just take it like a man, ladies. Yes, hell hath no fury like a woman scorned, but taking out your anger on your ex isn't going to solve anything. (Note: This advice works equally well for men who catch their wives cheating.)

If you really did love him... here's what you do:
Cry your heart out.
Eat ice cream.
Dump him.
Get over it.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

The Truth about Who Wears the Pants in Sudan

FEMINISM/RELIGION - Yesterday a Sudanese judged convicted a woman of wearing pants outside and fined her approx. $200 US.

Originally the penalty was supposed to be 50 lashes for violating the public indecency law, but thanks to international condemnation the judge was pressured to lower the penalty.

Lubna Hussein, a journalist, was one of 13 women arrested back on July 3rd in Khartoum. Ten of the women were afraid to go to trial, agreed to the charges and were fined & flogged for wearing pants. Hussein and two others however decided to go to trial

"I will not pay a penny," says Lubna Hussein while still in court custody, who said Friday she would rather go to jail than pay any fine.

"I won't pay, as a matter of principle," says the journalist. "I would spend a month in jail. It is a chance to explore the conditions of jail."

The case made headlines in Sudan and around the world and Hussein used it to rally world opinion against the country's strict morality laws based on conservative interpretations of the Quran. Hussein says the law is un-Islamic and oppressive to women.

Outside the courtroom police arrested dozens of female demonstrators who were also wearing pants. They all say they want to go to trial and denounce the unfair laws.

Meanwhile Amnesty International called on the Sudanese government to withdraw the charges against Hussein and trash the law which justifies "abhorrent" penalties on women and say the law should be scrapped because it allows for state-sanctioned torture.

Human rights groups in Sudan say the law also violates the 2005 constitution which guarantees equal rights and freedoms.

In 2003 eight Sudanese women were publicly flogged with plastic and metal whips leaving permanent scars for going on a picnic and wearing pants.

This is just one of many unfair laws in Sudan that have yet to be overturned.

"When I think of my trial, I pray that my daughters will never live in fear of these police ... We will only be secure once the police protect us and these laws are repealed," says Lubna Hussein.

Hussein says she's ready "to receive (even) 40,000 lashes" if that is what it takes to abolish the law.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Christian woman abducts baby, beats it head against sidewalk

CANADA/RELIGION - In Winnipeg today police are "scratching their heads" over why a 19-year-old Christian woman abducted a baby girl from a house party and brutally beat the child's head against a Winnipeg sidewalk.

Nikita Solange Eaglestick was charged today with attempted murder, abduction and aggravated assault. The 14-month-old little girl, identified by family as Vanessa, is recovering in hospital.

"That is something that we're all kind of scratching our heads right now to try and figure out," says Const. Jason Michalyshen, who also says: "Our investigators spent the majority of (Tuesday) interviewing witnesses, individuals that may possess valuable information with regards to the investigation. We're going to be continuing with that investigation by interviewing individuals that may help us find out some of those answers."

According to friends and family Nikita has been acting erratic and increasingly religious lately and may have been under the belief the baby was possessed by the devil, and thus was trying to beat the baby girl to death in an attempt to kill the anti-Christ... but that is just a theory.

Talk about completely wacko.

Police say the mother was at a house party in the area and her baby daughter was asleep. People were drinking and at some point the baby was taken from the party. Baby Vanessa and her parents have no relation to the abductor Nikita Eaglestick.

There is a hero to this story however.

18-year-old Tyler Bilsborrow is being called a hero for interrupting the attack. He was coming out of his home at 4 AM in the morning when he heard screaming nearby. He rushed around the corner and interrupted the woman who was beating the baby's head against the sidewalk. He then wrapped the baby in a sweater and called police.

"I thought the woman was drunk, beating up a cat," says Bilsborrow, the father of a two-year-old daughter.

The child's condition has been upgraded from critical to stable.

So... Christian or not, what would make a woman abduct a baby belonging to a complete stranger and then try to kill the baby by beating its head against a sidewalk? Its just plain sick.

Hopefully the truth will come out as to the real reason the woman tried to kill the baby. Nikita Eaglestick is a disgrace to all womenkind.

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