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Saturday, September 19, 2009

The Truth about Cuckolded Women

DIVORCE - Yes, cuckold is technically a term applied to husbands of cheating wives. Sadly there's no reverse equivalent in the dictionary for when husbands cheat.

When a husband cheats women really have two options:

#1. Leave him.

#2. Forgive him.

There's also a third option, but it usually results in the wife leaving him anyway.

#3. Teach him a lesson / cheat on him too / make his life miserable.

The third option however is just plain vindictive. Once you've reached that point you might as well just split up. Its not worth your time and the stress trying to teach your soon-to-be ex a lesson. Making his life miserable will just result in more cheating. You cheating on him implies you didn't really love him anyway. Being vindictive isn't going to change anything.

Husbands who are cads (such an old term, but an accurate one) aren't about to become faithful over night by teaching them a lesson. People, as a rule, do not change over night. Ever.

Oh sure, you might get someone to change their habits temporarily, but eventually they're back to their old routine.

Call it part of social conditioning, but once a cad always a cad.

But this post isn't about cad husbands. Its about cuckolded women, and more specifically about their goal of revenge / teaching their cheating husbands a lesson.

Some women think that acting like a bitch is "girl power" in action.

Except it isn't. Sure, you have the right to be angry, but being vindictive is just childish, immature, shameful and there's nothing dignified about it.

So my advice to women? Don't bother being vindictive or vengeful. Its not going to accomplish anything, it isn't going to make you feel better, and its only going to make you look like a complete bitch (and possibly provoke further immature acts of vengeance).

Ergo, stay or go. Just take it like a man, ladies. Yes, hell hath no fury like a woman scorned, but taking out your anger on your ex isn't going to solve anything. (Note: This advice works equally well for men who catch their wives cheating.)

If you really did love him... here's what you do:
Cry your heart out.
Eat ice cream.
Dump him.
Get over it.

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