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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Women during Recessions

FEMINISM/POLITICS - A survey released by the Boston Consulting Group this month showed that during the current American recession:

1) 65 per cent of American women plan to cut spending, compared to 58 per cent of men.

2) 41 per cent of American women feel they are in too much debt, compared to 27 per cent of men.

3) 30 per cent of American women are insecure about their finances, compared to 19 per cent of men.

4) 14 per cent of American women are worried about losing their job, compared to 10 per cent of men.

Arguably the reason why women are more frugal with money is because we, generally speaking, have less money. Women are also more likely to be the ones who manage the bill payments for households (while their husbands conveniently find time to wash the car or clean the garage).

So the above statistics comes as no surprise that women are more concerned and more frugal about their spending habits.

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