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Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Women Voters Proved YES WE CAN

FEMINISM/POLITICS - In yesterday's presidential election women turned out to vote and what is interesting is that there was more female voters (53%) than male voters (47%). Whats more, 56% of women voters cast their vote for Barack Obama.

According to exit polls black women in the USA voted overwhelmingly for Barack Obama, with a total of 96%. 68% of latino women also voted for Barack Obama, along with 46% of white women and 63% of women of other races. 53% of white women voted for McCain/Palin. 1% of all female voters voted 3rd party.

This says something about democracy and feminism. Women value their power to vote. Men, apparently, do not value their own vote and don't care about politics as much as women do.

It also bodes well for the future first female president. While we may be disappointed by Hillary Clinton's failure, we have to admit Barack Obama's win is a momentous occasion.

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