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Saturday, November 22, 2008

Self Defense Against Rapists

Rapists are typically stronger than the women they target. Rapists prefer to pick targets that are smaller, mouse-like, has long hair and easy to rip off clothing. Their goal is to overpower you with pure strength, speed and surprise. You need to outsmart them.

1. When the rapist puts his hands up to you, grab his first two fingers and bend them back as far as possible with as much pressure pushing down on them as possible. This isn't just painful, its likely to drive the man to his knees.

2. After the initial hit, always go for the GROIN. It is extremely painful for men to get kicked in the crotch. You might think this is risky because it will anger the rapist, but it is much more likely to give you the extra time needed to run away.

3. If you are grabbed around the waist from behind, pinch the rapist either under the arm (between the elbow and armpit) OR in the upper inner thigh VERY VERY HARD. Pinching extremely hard can even rip out muscle in this vulnerable area.

4. If you carry pepper spray carry it an easy to reach location and aim at the rapist's eyes. Hold it away from yourself so you don't accidentally hit yourself. The last thing you need is to get blinded too.

5. Carry an umbrella is a deterrent and anything like that helps. Trying to use your keys to scratch a rapist doesn't work well. Your teeth and nails are significantly sharper and more useful.

6. Stay aware of your surroundings. Tripping, pushing or knocking the rapist can be very useful in your efforts to get away. A classic way to trip someone is to stick one foot behind his leg and then push against his shoulders or chest, causing the rapist to fall backwards.

7. If his groin is too well protected his eyes won't be. A quick jab with two fingers to the rapist's eyes can both hurt and blind him.

8. A punch to the rapist's neck can also be very effective. It hurts his ability to breathe properly and this attack can also be fatal if you collapse his windpipe and he suffocates.

9. Punching just under the jaw and pushing upwards is a classic move that can knock the rapist down, but it will only be temporary.

10. RESIST. Don't give up easily. Rapists usually figure out in the first minute whether their target is worth the effort.

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  1. I am not the type of person that wants to hurt others. But, I will defend myself if the situation should arise. Through the techniques I learned from your blog, I am ready! women self defense


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