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Saturday, November 22, 2008

Pakistani Teen murdered and her baby tossed into canal

FEMINISM - Right: Zakara Bibi Solangi holds up a picture of her murdered daughter Tasleem Solangi.

Taslim Solangi, an 8 months pregnant Pakistani teen from Khairpur, was forced to give birth prematurely and then was thrown in front of a pack of dogs, all of this because her father-in-law claimed that the child she was expecting was out of wedlock.

The baby, meanwhile, was disposed off in a canal.

Father-in-law, Zamir Solangi, who is responsible for this gruesome act, took the pregnant girl from her mother’s and subsequently swore of the Holy Quran that he wouldn’t harm her. Evidently he lied. Feeding her to dogs is still murder.

Zamir Solangi has yet to be captured by the local police even though the accused has openly made threats about killing the lynched teen’s mother.

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