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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Korean Women: Not allowed to Pregnant

RELIGION/HEALTH - What does this sign mean?

Based on my friend's limited Korean it means pregnant women shouldn't sit down.

Where was this image found? On a subway? We're not sure. We're guessing it might be to prevent miscarriages from bumpy rides... or is it discriminatory against pregnant women?

Korea has some unusual superstitions. ie. If a pregnant woman miscarries she has to wear lots of clothes for 2 weeks so she will heal faster; babies can't be taken out of the house until after their "baek-il" (one-hundred-day) party; leaving a fan on in a closed room will suffocate the occupants; having sex with the lights on will cause infertility; refrigerators should be filled only 60% to prevent food poisoning; the number four sounds like death; you can't write your name in red ink because it was the colour used to write the names of the dead during the Korean War; and its bad luck for a man to sit beside a woman in a car whom he is not married to.

Fan death is by far the most amusing, as the South Korean government still issues warnings about the dangers of fan suffocation.

Please remember we're also talking about a country where women still use squat toilets and men use normal toilets. Toilet protectors for women aren't commonly found over there.

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