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Saturday, November 8, 2008

Is Gay the new Black?

UNITED STATES - Now that America has elected Barack Obama President, who happens to be an African American, many believe we’re well on our way to moving past the struggles of the civil rights era. It appears the egalitarian democratic republic our Constitution hoped we would someday become has arrived.

Except it hasn’t.

Across the nation homosexuals (and single parents for that matter) took a hit on November 4th. Proposition 8 - which bans gay marriage in California - and similar initiatives in Florida and Arizona have dampened the mood. America can rejoice that President-elect Obama embodies all that it has become since the arrivals of settlers in Jamestown and Pilgrims at Plymouth Rock - the good and the bad - but even he has faltered on the topic of homosexuality. While perhaps necessary for election, toeing the line on gay rights is a sham and a shame. Full rights should be granted to all law-abiding members of the United States of America.

Full, unalienable rights.

Marriage and the option to adopt a child in need of a caring home should one be mentally, emotionally, and economically fit for the task - notice I didn’t say straight or married - are two of these rights. They are not privileges granted to the elite or the predominant. They are unalienable. Just as we now look back at slavery, Jim Crow, and institutionalized, tolerated, widespread racism, we will look back at these acts of hatred just the same when times change.

Just as we cringe when our grandparents show the ignorance of their day by using offensive or hateful words such as "Chinaman" or "Colored," our children and grandchildren, ashamed, will look at us in disbelief for allowing this mistreatment of American citizens. Next time you hear a friend or even yourself calling something or someone "queer," "homo," "butch," or worse, think about that.

Barack Obama can win the presidency as a biracial man, but rest assured he would not have won as a homosexual.

It’s time the call for equal rights for all Americans takes center stage. Gay is the new black.

And don't think for an instant that George W. Bush hasn't been pushing gay rights too.

Bush was the first Republican president to appoint a gay man to serve in his administration, Scott Evertz as director of the Office of National AIDS Policy and he also nominated Michael E. Guest as ambassador to Romania, who became the first openly gay man to be confirmed by the Senate as a U.S. ambassador.

And lastly, whats with all the kissey faces with the Saudi Arabians? Don't forget Bush kisses men regularly as part of his job. He also kisses Saudi butt too, but thats because they invested money in his oil company Arbusto years ago... but that is another story.

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