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Sunday, March 9, 2008

The Truth about Anti-Feminists

I recently tangled with the Anti-Feminist movement and came away with several conclusions.

I decided to go to Anti-Feminist websites and make a list of what their major complaints against feminists were.

After awhile it became clear that there was one major theme mentioned on almost all the websites that bash feminists.

Spousal and child support.

You see what has happened is these are men who got a woman pregnant (possibly by refusing to wear a condom), and maybe even married her before or after the pregnancy. Either way, their relationship fells apart and now these men are paying for child support (and spousal support if they married/divorced them too).

After they are separated and now paying for diapers and baby food these men become very angry and bitter about their depleted wallets.

So who do they blame?

Feminists for fighting for the right to child/spousal support. As if being a single mother isn't hard enough these "deadbeat dads" want to renege on their financial obligations and because the law is deducting from the pay-cheques there isn't a lot they can do about it.

So the vast majority of anti-feminists are simply deadbeat dads. That is it. Such a simple truth when you think about it.

And they shall suffer the consequences of their 5 minutes of pleasure just for the sake of what... not wearing a condom?

These losers have only one person they should really be blaming: Themselves.

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