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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

The Truth about Misogyny, from the horse's mouth...

Ever wondered what causes misogyny and sexist behaviours?

Well, here is an excellent article about it: The Origins & Causes of Misogyny.

Written by a man who asserts that it is years of bitterness against females that leads to feelings of misogyny, in combination with other factors such as parental misogyny and more.

The male author however asserts at the same time that women need to be treating men with more sensitivity in order to prevent this kind of bitterness. Treating men like insensitive jerks is actually causing them to turn into insensitive jerks.

"However at the same time women need to learn that men are not insensitive jerks. Rather, they are HIGHLY sensitive jerks and need to be treated more gently and fairly. It may take more time and effort on the part of women, but if more women took the time to reject men in such a way it doesn't feel like a rejection then we'd have a lot less bitter men walking around."

He stresses that both men and women need to learn more about how the opposite sex thinks, women need to learn how to reject men with sensitivity, and men need to learn how to deal with rejection so that the man doesn't end up feeling bitterness.

The article therefore asserts that women are partially to blame for sexism due to our mistreatment of men. Perhaps he is correct. There is a ring of truth to that, even though we may not want to admit it.

Relationships are a two way street and we need to think twice about how we treat men, whether we are treating them fairly, especially if we expect them to treat us fairly too.

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