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Friday, April 6, 2007

Feminists Censoring Feminists

Censorship in the name of Copyright...

This really burns my boat. We're all on the same side here. Feminists should be fighting side by side not squabbling over copyright concerns.

I'm speaking of course the "Queens of the Stone Age" feminist article I posted on here.

I didn't ask the author's permission to post the article because I had no way of CONTACTING the author.

Well apparently the author (Laura Miller) noticed and contacted Blogspot and demanded it removed...

Totally unnecessary from my perspective. We're both feminists supporting a cause.

But apparently Laura Miller supports feminism only when she's getting paid for it.

So is she really a crusading feminist? Or just a money-grubbing author who cares only about her pocketbook?

My answer is the latter.

So my question for the REAL feminists out there is: Do you really care about copyright when your writing helps to support a cause?

I am in pursuit of FEMINIST TRUTH. I'm more than happy to remove an article by someone who turns out to be a liar and not a real feminist.

So Laura Miller, now that I've exposed you as a phoney, are you going to continue complaining?

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