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Monday, March 19, 2007

Confronting Misogyny

There are plenty of websites (and blogs) out there which bash feminists and decry the horrors of feminism. These websites are perpetuated by misogynist (women hating) males that have been dumped one too many times, who have been raised to believe that women deserve to be bashed around, and that women are MEANT to be slaves to a man's every whim.

"Clean my toilet bitch. Go make me a sandwich you lazy cunt. I need a beer refill you stupid whore!"

You get the idea.

There are literally tonnes of websites that fit that generic description, their primary motivation being to bash women, degrade feminists and piss on equal rights.

But I'm writing here to say that its well past time women stand up and confront these misogynistic jerks. CONFRONT THEM and show them you are not going to be bossed around with their manipulative statistics that claim women aren't date raped, that "patriarchy is a good thing" and "women should go back to the kitchen and stop messing up the economy".

Their Misogynistic lies are all about getting attention to soothe their male egos (and possibly make a buck off advertising on the side by posting complete garbage that will make people like myself fuss about it).

Well I'm not going to fall for that trick. Thats why I'm not going to post any links to their idiotic websites and instead I'm going to re-post their garbage on here and then analyze it so we can see these lies out in the open for everyone to see (and without the pricks making $ off the attention).

I feel its important that other women out there do this too. Confront the Lies. Confront the Misogyny.


Because Misogyny will only continue to perpetuate UNLESS people confront it.

Its a battle of the sexes alright and we have to stand firm and fight for our rights.

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