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Friday, February 16, 2007

Sexuality and Truth

Sexuality and Truth
By Suzanne MacNevin

In our modern society people are often discriminated against based upon their sex or sexuality. Both women and men are discriminated against and discriminate against others. Likewise, heterosexuals and homosexuals discriminate back and forth and pass judgement far too easily.

The problem I have is that people are not honest when they discriminate. They provide 'reasons' (excuses) to justify their actions or their speech. Lets start with the example of Gay Marriage.

Marriage is a promise to stay faithful to your mate. It embodies truth, honesty and love for one another. Marriage based on a lie (such as marrying for money) is not a real marriage.

In traditional Christian thought, marriage is for the purpose of one thing, and its not love: To make babies. The idea of gay marriages with the lack of children is therefore an abomination in the eyes of traditional Christianity.

The next factor is the idea of gay married couples adopting children and the idea that gay couples can't raise children properly or might molest the children. Homophobes are scared and upset at this idea because it gives gay couples the same right as heterosexual couples.

If we allow gay couples to marry, whats next? Polygamy marriages? Beastiality marriages? (Besides the point that there is no way beastiality marriages will ever become legal.)

Thus you see the excuses line up, and you could see more of them. But the fact remains that marriage is still just a promise and an oath, and totally unrelated to the other factors.

Whether or not people actually believe their own excuses is besides the point. My primary concern is the fact that they are lying just for the sake of being ignorant and mean.

People derive pleasure from being mean, but what they don't realize is that their discrimination just makes people MORE determined to fight for their rights.

Twenty years ago gay marriages was barely an issue. It rarely made headlines. These days its constantly in the news and the gay community isn't going to give up until they have won their rights.

And as for the people who stand in their way? Well, they will simply be exposed as liars, bigots and homophobes.

People talk a lot about who will be the first female president or the first black president of the United States. I'm actually more curious about who will be the first lesbian or gay president. Its not an issue yet, but I think someday it will be.

Suzanne MacNevin

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